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Indian Basmati rice

Indian Basmati rice

Posted By: On August 19, 2013
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The secret of making a perfect basmati rice is washing the rice from the starch that it has.

2 cups basmati rice (long grain)
1 Onion
ginger/garlic paste (2cm piece of ginger + 3 garlic cloves processed together in blender)
6 TBS butter
1/2 TBS ground coriander
1 TBS delta curry powder
1/8 ts ground cardamom
1 Maggie chicken cube
3 cups of water
1 TBS of zafran
3 TBS raisins

put 2 cups of rice in a bowl and open water, start washing the rice by very gently rubbing the rice between your hands, be carfeul not to break the rice grains, keep doing so and changing the water of the bowl till the water becomes clear and not foggy anymore, this might require you changing the water like 10 times!

Once done with washing, keep the rice soaked in water for 20 min before you start cooking it.

Thinly slice 1 onion and fry it in the pot to be used for cooking the rice with 2 TBS of butter, you should burn the onion till you get a dark brown color, then remove the onion to a side plate.

Process a 2cm piece of ginger + 3 garlic cloves in food processor turning them into ginger/garlic paste.
In the same pot fry the ginger/garlic paste with 2 TBS of butter for 3 min, add 1/2 TBS ground coriander, 1 TBS delta curry powder, 1/8 ts ground cardamom, fry altogether 1 - 2 min till aromas spread.

Remove the rice from the water 5 min before using it to drain away it's water.
Add the rice to the pot, add 2 TBS of butter and slightly fry the rice. The rice at this stage is very delicate and could break easily, use a wooden spoon and fold the rice from bottom to top, do not use metal spoons and do not roughly mix the rice.

Once the rice starts to stick at the bottom of the pot add 3 cups of water, half of the fried onions, 1 Maggie chicken cube (cut it in little pieces so it disolves quickly) and 1/2 ts salt. mix all and close the lid on low heat for 7 min. (DO NOT OPEN THE LID TILL THE 7 min pass).

After 7 min you'll notice that the water level got below the rice level, add 1 TBS of zafran, and 3 TBS of raisins (optional) mix it gently and delicatly into the fragile rice.
Close the lid for another 7 min.(DO NOT OPEN THE LID TILL THE 7 min pass), by then the rice should be already done.

Put the pot aside and let the rice rest for 30 min before serving it to dry up completely.

Finaly spread the remaining other half of the fried onions on top of the rice before serving.