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Coca Cola recipe

Coca Cola recipe

Posted By: On August 16, 2013
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A couple of years ago the information shown below could have been worth
millions to certain mineral water manufacturers. You could still save
yourself a few quid by following the procedures below. Although i doubt
it would be very cost-effective.

At last, after over 100 years of total secrecy, the recipe for Coca-
Cola has been revealed in a book by Mark Prendergast who claims to
have found it on a piece of paper titled "X" in a company archive.

Anyway. Here is the method in full :


Coriander Oil (a trace)
Orange Blossom Oil (a trace)
Orange Oil (0.94g)
Lemon Oil (1.79g)
Nutmeg Oil (0.14g)
Cinnamon Oil (0.41g)
Mix them in alcohol (9.97g)
and water (5.50g)

Shake well and let stand for 24hrs. The mixture will separate. At the
top will be a clear yellow liquid, this is the cokes secret "7X"

Dissolve Sugar (4.88kg)
in a tiny amount of boiling water and allow to cool.

Add Caramel (73g)
Caffeine (6.3g)
Phosphoric Acid (22.4g)

A sprinkling of powered nut from the Kola tree. And purists may add

Coca Leaf (2.24g)

After first removing the cocaine!

You should now have a thick syrup.

Add Lime juice (61g)
Glycerin (38.7g)
Vanilla Extract (3.05g)
and "7X"

Stir hard and dilute with 5.5 parts chilled carbonated water.

You should now have 50 litres of Coca-Cola! Easy Really!