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Wifi Hacking

Download Beini 1.2.5 as iso file and write it on cd (
start computer booting from cd
Once Beini loads, click on the XFE icon, (a small box will open: Running Xfe as root --> click OK)
Click Bin-->feedingbottle-->feedingbottle
Select network card desired for scan and wiat for the message box to turn Green and show: monitor mode enabled
Click Next, select if you want to scan for WEP or WPA, then click SCAN
Wait for the scan to finish and list for you the available networks
Highlight the network you want to hack and click NEXT
Set "Attack Parameters-->PO841 Relay Attack"
When the key is found you'll see it at the bottom of the box in RED COLOR. After this click STOP.

To run all this on a virtual machine, download
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