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Nicolas Zouein
Flashing a DreamBox DM800HDse
Install Mozilla firebird version 3.x.x Install driver CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe Connect DM box to pc with USB to mini-usb cable Connect DM box to your dhcp lan with lan cable (same network as...
Nicolas Zouein
Brain Teasers
You have just moved into a mansion with a cellar in the basement. on the main floor, next to the stair case are 3 switches that control the bulbs in different parts of the house. You would like to kn...
Nicolas Zouein
Forex related
Avoid a scam called: SCALPING !!! Whenever you read of a system that uses away, to know why..keep reading: Imagine a roulette wheel in a casino. You walk up to the table and place a be...
Topics: Forex
Nicolas Zouein
A defendant was on trial for murder. There was very strong evidence indicating guilt, but no corpse had been found. In the defenses closing statement the lawyer, knowing that his client would probably...
Nicolas Zouein
إذا كنت حقاً لبنانياً... اضغط هنا!
في خضمّ المشكلات الأمنية والتخاصمات السياسية والآراء "التحليلية"، يكاد يتوافق اللبنانيون على شيءٍ واحد فقط وهو أنهم الأفضل في العالم. فاللبناني المتعالي و"أينشتاين زمانه" يحق له أن يرفع رأسه بوطنه لبن...
Nicolas Zouein
Cooking and recipes tips
No matter what you read in recipes or hear pronounced by people who should know, keep these simple truths in mind: -) Searing meat does not seal in its juices, and moist cooking methods do not make...
Nicolas Zouein
Edimax EW-7206APg or EW-7209APg as a Repeater.pdf breadmaker_recipe_book.pdf 3315144 HomeBread baguette MLX Night Stalker NS1200-EVP Phase 1.pdf ...
Nicolas Zouein
Rules for Single Women
1. Don't Chase Anyone "Guys are like subway trains. Don't run after them; another one is on its way." —canuck, on 2. Don't Waste Your Time "If he says he isn't ready for a relationshi...
Nicolas Zouein
BlueGold Lebanon project
I posted my opinion on a site called Blue Gold "" that claims to have a 5 year water plan for Lebanon but it never got posted, so here it is: Nick Z. December 10, 2013 Yo...
Nicolas Zouein
Beware of that unknown international missed call
Think before you ring back after missing a call from an unidentified international number to your cellphone. It could have been from a racket and a call-back would come at a premium rate, sometimes as...
Nicolas Zouein
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Nicolas Zouein
Misc Subjects
Future limitless digital memory Imagine having an iPod capable of holding thousands of years of high definition video. A DNA computer would make such a device very possible. DNA is the substance that ...
Nicolas Zouein
Yahchouch is a village in Lebanon. Its name means "The Wounded God" in Aramaic, since the God Adonis (Adonis, in Greek mythology, is the god of beauty and desire) died in the river (now called Ibrahim...
Topics: Yahchouch
Nicolas Zouein
Resto Shawarmanji
I saw a TV ad about a new restaurant chain that opened in Lebanon, they claim that their specialty is authentic Shawarma (a famous Lebanese sandwich) and their logo says "The Original Shawarma". Next ...
Topics: Restaurants, Cars