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Flashing a DreamBox DM800HDse

Install Mozilla firebird version 3.x.x
Install driver CP210x_VCP_Win_XP_S2K3_Vista_7.exe
Connect DM box to pc with USB to mini-usb cable
Connect DM box to your dhcp lan with lan cable (same network as your pc)
Run SUNRAY-FlashUP v1.3.3.7.exe (check use network, and click on Connect)
Turn on dreambox, it will go into flashing mode and will show ip on front panel
Open Firefox V3 and put dm's ip in address bar
Go down to version update and select the image file (mine is: Cnigma2-dm800se-sim201-20121221.nfi) from your computer and upload, it will take 2-3 min to upload.
Click on reboot, if nothing happens manually switch Off the box, remove the mini-usb and turn on the box.
Smile !
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