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BlueGold Lebanon project

I posted my opinion on a site called Blue Gold "" that claims to have a 5 year water plan for Lebanon but it never got posted, so here it is:

Nick Z. December 10, 2013
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A good idea and very well advertised, but is it a priority for the country now? In my opinion it is not with the absence of electricity. Is the Lebanese people willing to invest in such a huge project with corruption allover the country in all its sectors which will “without any doubt” leak into the Blue Gold management sector sooner or later. We all saw what happened to a similar project called “Solidaire” and how the shares dropped in price !!
Even as a start I browsed a bit your online brochure and found out that it leaks credibility in many parts such as on P.65 : “By installing quality water appliances, households will use less water…etc”. How on earth could a washing machine use less water by “installing quality water” as you say?!
Anyway I do like the idea of “public investment” but not on such a big scale, maybe you should start on something smaller to gain credibility first.
You might not like my opinion but you should accept any opinion including criticism. I hope to see my comment posted and not being deleted since this will only increase negativity to the credibility of the site.
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