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Beware of that unknown international missed call

Think before you ring back after missing a call from an unidentified international number to your cellphone. It could have been from a racket and a call-back would come at a premium rate, sometimes as high as $8 a minute!!!

A part of the amount you pay will be deposited in the accounts of the fraudsters. The hi-tech telecommunication technology that was developed mainly for public services has turned into an easy money-making device for fraudsters.

This is how it works. The scammers hire a premium-rate number from a telecom provider and then give missed calls to unsuspecting people. As the latter call back, they pay a higher charge and a part of the money goes to the account of the scammer who hires the premium number. It is also known as the 'Wangiri Fraud' and originated in Japan in early-2000. 'Wangiri' literally means 'one ring and cut'.
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