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Resto Shawarmanji

I saw a TV ad about a new restaurant chain that opened in Lebanon, they claim that their specialty is authentic Shawarma (a famous Lebanese sandwich) and their logo says "The Original Shawarma". Next day I was there craving and eager to test it out and here comes the big disappointment:

I took a menu brochure from over the counter to see what they have and was surprised of the silly names they named their sandwiches with like: BeefManji, ChickenManji and ShakerManji. I went to the case to order and was embarrassed to even pronounce those silly names to the guy. I managed to make my order and got an ugly reply: "Thank You Sir.. your order will be prepared in 25 minutes". Damn.. 25 min ??? I asked him why that much? I don't see except a couple of people in your shop, why do I have to wait this much ? he replied "Because we have delivery orders to outside of the shop". Well you should know ignorants that a customer INSIDE your shop has priority over delivery orders, anyway I didn't say anything and waited silently.
After 30 min to be exact the guy called me to take my order, I started with the chicken sandwich, the first bite was bread, lettuce and toom.. where is the chicken??, second bite was (bread, lettuce and toom 80% + chicken 20%).. third forth.. fifth.. sixth the sandwich finished and I ended up eating a lettuce and toom sandwich where the shy chicken never showed up Smile

Now comes the turn for the beef sandwich, the meat inside the sandwich had the texture of cheap corned beef, very thin little pieces of shaved meat, actually yes they use like some electric shaver to shave meat off. Where is the authenticity that you claim guys?? is this how shawarma meat is cut???
Next comes the bad taste.. it has absolutely nothing to do with shawrma, not even close to it!
I ate half the sandwich and had to throw it away and call it a night. And what a night it was.. I spent it in the toilet.

It was really a big disappointment. I don't know how people invest that much in projects and on delivery they spoil it up! Guys it's not about a nice organized chain and fancy modern food names on the menu that will make your business a success, it is the quality and real authenticity of the product.

Thumbs down for Shawarmanji !Unhappy
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